Simple Exception monitoring for ASP.NET and MVC

View, store and be notified about .Net exceptions in one location for all of your applications

Easy Elmah Configuration

Trace Agent is an Elmah plug-in. If you are using Elmah, Trace Agent can save you a ton of effort.

With trace agent you get all the goodness - exception monitoring, logging and email notifications - without the hassle of thinking about how to configure email, database storage and security.

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Track all exceptions on one dashboard

Are you spending time each day reviewing multiple error logs? Whether you have one application or more than a dozen, you'll no longer have to wait to be notified of errors. With Trace Agent's simple monitoring for ASP.Net and MVC you'll be able to view all notifications and details for every exception in real time. Monitoring multiple applications has never been easier.

Detect errors that would otherwise go unnoticed

Unreported errors can hurt your reputation, jeopardize data and undermine confidence in your site. In cases involving e-commerce sites, these unreported errors can impact your bottom line. With Trace Agent, you'll immediately spot errors, which enables you to respond quickly before the situation turns serious!

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TraceAgent is a must-have tool for each and every website and web developer. You’ll maximize productivity and you’ll detect problems and exceptions that could otherwise go unnoticed for months!

Doug Willbanks, TraceAgent CTO

5 Ways you can use TraceAgent right now

TraceAgent Exception Monitoring is Like Virtual Neighborhood Watch. We review our error logs to ensure that there are no suspicious events or activity, such as ADO errors, invalid SQL or odd requests involving particularly vulnerable areas such as the shopping cart or login pages.

TraceAgent Exception Monitoring Offers Proactive Support. For applications where the user has been authenticated, the error log includes the username. So, in the event of an error, it's simple to determine the involved user, who can then be contacted via email indicating that we're aware they experienced an error and we're ready to assist or find a workaround in the interim.

We're on the Lookout for 404 Errors! We're on patrol for SEO-killing 404 errors. Monitoring 404 errors serves to ensure that we haven't missed any files that have been deployed to production. It's a simple way to ensure that you're not losing traffic due to the deletion of a page or a faulty redirect.

Verify Key Systems are Operational. TraceAgent examines every exception to verify that all key systems are operational. For instance, we'll ensure that the credit card processing system and outbound email features are up and running properly and error-free.

Development and Testing. Not everybody does this but at TraceAgent, we've found that our error logs can be very helpful in the development and testing process, especially at times when you don't have a debugger running.

TraceAgent's exception monitoring for ASP.NET and MVC is a must-have for each and every web developer, as you'll get notifications and details on each and every exception in real time, as they occur. This enables you to guarantee optimal functionality and user-friendliness in a way that hasn't been possible previously!

Find out what TraceAgent's exception monitoring for ASP.NET and MVC can do for you!

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